8 Wood Craft Ideas for AirBNB Owners

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WiFi Chalkboard

What better way to welcome your guests after a long day of travel than an easy experience for connecting to your WiFi. You can place this chalkboard near your guest book or somewhere else it’s likely to be seen.


To me nothing feels more cozy than a comfy couch and lots of books. Bookends are something extra to make your shelf complete!

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Wooden Tea Box

For anyone who loves caffeine you know you need it wherever you travel. Coffee and Tea is essential for any AirBNB host. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to treat your guests. For coffee I recommend an Airtight container. And for tea a wooden tea box is sure to impress.

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Protect your favorite coffee table, dining table, or night stand with a set of wooden coasters.


Cutting Board

While guests may not do a ton of cooking while they are exploring your city or town a nice kitchen is one way to have great ratings. Here at JCLFarms we love the aesthetic of handcrafted wood. Especially that of a really nice cutting board.

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Rustic Signs

A handmade rustic sign could be the perfect stable for your AirBNB. You can put your property’s name on it or anything else you’d like.


Welcome Home Sign


While not a custom wooden masterpiece a Welcome Home sign in a nice wooden frame is an inviting way to let your guests know me casa es su casa.

Succulent 🌵 Planter

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If your AirBNB is in a climate that supports outdoor plants having wooden planters can give your exterior some character.